My name is Tom.  I’m a proud, home-grown American looking to enjoy life, enjoy time with my family, and smoke a cigar on my back porch every once in a while.

I’m pretty simple, and when you break it all down, that’s the way life should be.

I see people getting mad every day at forces that are outside of their control, and constantly stirring the proverbial pot, completely unaware that they are missing the whole darned point!

Everything that we see in the news, and everything that outside forces are compelling us to do through marketing and social media, is all meant to be a distraction; and simply get us moving, voting, or spouting off opinions that eventually make someone else money.

I see Walmart as a perfect example of this.  At it’s core, Walmart is a business.  A very successful one!  It provides a service, and I am a fan of that service.  I can find almost anything I need for MY LIFE at a good price, which then enables me to go out and LIVE MY LIFE.

As we all know, Walmart is very controversial.  The whole concept is polarizing and it has come to represent so many different things, and has evolved into a divisive subject.

OK, OK, I get it.  You hate Walmart… but how about you stop being a pawn and just buy some very inexpensive ground beef and have all your friends over for a barbecue instead?

As I said before, I like to keep it simple and enjoy simple pleasures.  I love reading about current events and being aware of the state of my beloved  home, the USA, and I would love nothing more that for all of us to get back to our roots of working hard, raising families and enjoying our lives.

We’re entitled to it, and we owe it to ourselves.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you all.

God Bless.